ACE Interface Training

ACE InterFace Training

Training will be held on February 28, 2019
8:00 AM to 4:30 pm
Trainer: Judith Jensen, ACE Interface Master Trainer
Cost: $25 for training materials
United Way of Johnson and Washington Counties invites you to join a group of Trauma-Informed advocates in Johnson County to become an ACE Interface presenter. The ACE Interface curriculum, a research –based curriculum complete with power point presentations and handouts, was created by Dr. Robert Anda, formerly of the CDC and one of the principal investigators of the original ACES study in 1996. His co-author, Laura Porter works at SAMHSA and has been a community organizer.

This curriculum, which can be presented in sessions lasting from ½ hour to 2 hours, invites community members to begin to understand the impact of trauma on the effected people, 60% of us in Iowa, in all aspects of our lives, across the life-span. The presentations summon us to work together to mitigate that harmful impact and to prevent adversity in our community. It does not give answers re how this work can be done, nor does it offer skills training or evidence-based interventions. Instead, it leaves the work to be done up to the audience it inspires. Presenters will deliver information to the community and work to change attitudes, while promoting community resilience.

Up to 30 applicants will be approved to become presenters and provide community presentations featuring:

  • scientific data and information about childhood adversitythe impact on developing brains of human beings
  • the long-term negative mental and physical health consequences of experiencing trauma
  • a venue for deciding how to address, change, and heal the adversity in our communities
To become a presenter, you must fit the following guidelines:
  • You must be 21 years old or older
  • You must have previously had ACE and trauma training
  • You must agree to use the ACE Interface material only as allowed by copyright and not in any other manner.
  • You must agree to attend the entire 8-hour training on Thursday October 25th
  • You must agree to be a co-presenter with other trainees.
  • You must agree to co-present to local groups at least twice in the following year, using the materials provided.
  • You must agree to provide information to UW regarding the dates, audiences, numbers, and locations of the presentations you have conducted
Application Process: complete by October 5--Participants will be chosen and notified by October 12


Please use two or three sentences to describe the education you have had about ACEs and trauma-informed practices.
Please use two or three sentences to describe your experience with public speaking or teaching.
Please use two or three sentences to explain why you want to become an ACE Interface presenter
Please use two or three sentences to describe your potential audiences for ACE/Trauma Informed presentations. Do you have a plan for this work?
By entering my name below, I am in agreement that I understand if I am accepted to become an ACE Interface presenter, I will be responsible for providing 2 presentations over the next year. I will receive technical support for my presentations from United Way.