Celebrating People In Action

Mon, 04/16/2012 - 11:05am -- Anonymous (not verified)

In his Presidential Proclamation recognizing April 15-21 as National Volunteer Week, President Obama writes, “Across America, we see the transformative power of service — to unite, to build, to heal. …With every hour and every act, our lives are made richer, our communities are drawn closer, and our country is forged stronger by the dedication and generous spirit of volunteers.”

We see the tremendous impact volunteers have on improving the quality of life in our own community daily: caring adults work with students toward greater academic success; business professionals lead financial literacy classes; community members donate their time at food banks and hospitals to improve health and well-being.Service is part of the culture and ethic in Johnson County — which ranks third in the nation for our volunteerism rate (50.9 percent). Individuals reach out to help neighbors, civic and religious groups connect with causes, schools encourage students to serve and businesses ask employees to volunteer.

To join our community of volunteers, visit www.volunteercenterjc.org.

Eight million hours worth of service is performed in the Iowa City area annually. Take a moment to think about that — 8 million hours of someone giving their time, talent, knowledge, skills and energy to advance the common good. At the equivalent of more than 3,800 full-time jobs, the organizations and agencies in Johnson County are incredibly strengthened by the commitment of volunteers.

To all the volunteers in our community, thank you for your passion and your action.

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