2019 Q1 Newsletter - Leadership Directory

Leadership Directory-The New Regionwide Hub

Thanks to the collaborative effort between United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties, Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce and community partners we are pleased to share the new Leadership Directory, a region-wide hub of task force, committee, commission and board opportunities for emerging community leaders who want to get involved at all levels.

Why do people volunteer to serve on boards, committees or commissions? The reasons are as varied as the people themselves:

•    Fulfilling a civic responsibility.
•    Desire to be involved in the community.
•    A desire to help shape policy.
•    Desire to donate one’s professional talents.

On the Leadership Directory site, found at LeadershipDirectory.org or under Our Impact at UnitedWayJWC.org, you can view opportunities for any type of commitment which serves your schedule the best:

•    Task Force:  Short-term Commitment – Group formed to accomplish a defined objective or task.
•    Commission: 3- 4 Years of Commitment – Group officially charged with a particular function.
•    Committee: 1+ Years of Commitment -  Group assigned to perform a service or function.
•    Board: Long-Term Commitment A recognized group who jointly oversee the activities of an organization.

The site even lets you view openings specific to areas of interest: Strategic Planning, Information Technology, Project Management, Human Resource, Accounting/Finance, Communications & Marketing, Event Planning, Fundraising, Diversity & Inclusion and More.

Give of your talent by serving our community!


A Leader is One Who Knows the WAY, Goes the WAY, & Shows the WAY - John C. Maxwell