Beyond the Classroom

One of the simplest things the family needed was food.

Scott was in third grade. Scott was often late to school and missing his homework, school supplies, or gloves. The records showed that this was his third school in 4 years. Scott had younger siblings and they were all at home. Mornings were tough because it was hard to predict his behavior. Sometimes he was sleepy and lethargic. Sometimes he was irritable and cranky. When the school team met, they identified him as a child that needed some special attention.  After some conversation and detective work, it turned out that the one of the most basic things, food, is what the family needed. There was often periods of food insecurity that then developed other consequences for the family. The mom was anxious  and embarrassed which is why Scott never told anyone at school that he was hungry. The family was connected to the Crisis Center and Food Pantry. The younger children began attending HACAP preschool and Scott began to have better mornings at school.