Workplace Volunteer Resources

Workplace Volunteer Resources


Program Development & Strategies

  • Developing Excellence in Workplace Volunteer Programs guide.pdf
  • Seven Practices of Effective Employee Volunteer Program guide.pdf
  • Rising Tide of Expectations: Corporate Giving, Employee Engagement & Impact article.pdf
  • United Healthcare Volunteer Study report.pdf
  • Skills Toolkit -Gap, Inc report.pdf
  • The Civic 50 report.pdf
  • Benefits of Employee Volunteer Programs report.pdf
  • Increasing Impact by Working Together presentation

Program Measurement

  • Calculating the Economic Impact of Volunteers article link
  • Measuring Employee Volunteer Programs guide.pdf
  • Measuring Impact beyond Monetary Value of Volunteers presentation



  • 2010 Employee Volunteer Program Reporting Standards Summary report.pdf

  • Tracking Employee Volunteer Programs guide.pdf


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