Workplace Volunteering

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Workplace Volunteering

Engage Your Employees Through Volunteering

Volunteering can provide a rewarding, engaging and meaningful workplace experience for your employees. Creating a culture that encourages volunteering can help employers boost employee morale, workplace atmosphere and brand perception. The Volunteer Center offers many ways to help your organization develop and promote a corporate volunteer program.


Workplace Volunteer Council

The Workplace Volunteer Council (WVC) is a coalition of local businesses that promote volunteerism among their employees to benefit our community and address local needs.

Members of the WVC believe that volunteerism is essential to the well-being of the community; that it is good business to engage workplace volunteer resources in meeting community needs; and that volunteerism is one of the foundations of corporate social responsibility.

The goals of the WVC include:

  • To establish, grow and sustain employee volunteer programs
  • To maximize the positive impact of businesses in Johnson County and surrounding communities
  • To support leaders of company volunteer programs by providing tools, training and networking opportunities

No matter the size of your company, the WVC provides you an opportunity to effectively make a difference.  If your company is ready to team up with other business leaders in meeting community needs, join the WVC!

Meetings are held quarterly to share best practices on encouraging employee volunteer participation and ideas on effectively promoting volunteerism in the workplace. United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties' expert staff provide additional resources, technical assistance, and up-to-date information on community needs and emerging opportunities to help. Meetings are held at the United Way office, 1150 5th Street, Suite 290, Coralville, IA 52241

Please contact the United Way Volunteer Center today to JOIN!! 319-338-7823 or








Workplace Volunteerism Benefits


  • Increase employee awareness and interest in community issues and create opportunities to get involved
  • Achieve personal development and increase self-esteem
  • Provide networking and team-building opportunities and strengthen skills

The Employer

  • Enhance corporate social responsibility
  • Support strategic business goals
  • Increase employee morale, loyalty and productivity
  • Generate recognition as a “best place to work”
  • Positively impact profitability

The Community

  • Build a stronger, healthier and safer community
  • Generate a renewed spirit of citizenship and civic pride
  • Open lines of communication among various segments of the community


Please contact the United Way Volunteer Center today to JOIN!! 319-338-7823 or

Workplace Volunteer Resources

Program Development & Strategies

  • Developing Excellence in Workplace Volunteer Programs guide.pdf
  • Seven Practices of Effective Employee Volunteer Program guide.pdf
  • Rising Tide of Expectations: Corporate Giving, Employee Engagement & Impact article.pdf
  • United Healthcare Volunteer Study report.pdf
  • Skills Toolkit -Gap, Inc report.pdf
  • The Civic 50 report.pdf
  • Benefits of Employee Volunteer Programs report.pdf
  • Increasing Impact by Working Together presentation

Program Measurement

  • Calculating the Economic Impact of Volunteers article link
  • Measuring Employee Volunteer Programs guide.pdf
  • Measuring Impact beyond Monetary Value of Volunteers presentation


  • 2010 Employee Volunteer Program Reporting Standards Summary report.pdf

  • Tracking Employee Volunteer Programs guide.pdf


Please contact the United Way Volunteer Center today to JOIN!! 319-338-7823 or