Board of Directors

Gary Barta
Board Chair
Athletic Director, University of Iowa Athletics
My passion for the community comes from watching firsthand how willing people are to get involved. I love living and working in this community. People are genuine and care so deeply about others and making this a great place to live. I’m motivated to do what I can to help in some small way. I began working with United Way in the 1990’s. Through United Way's work, I have seen people from all walks of life come together to help others. Without United Way our community would be missing a valuable asset to help those in need. My belief that it makes our community better grows stronger every year. United Way's mission has been proven and tested over time. It works!

Gabe Aguirre
General Manager, Hawkeye Sports Properties

Ben Clark
Resource Development Chair
Chief Operating Officer, IDx
As a transplant to Iowa City, I have been struck time and again by the profound sense of common humanity that characterizes this community.  The United Way acts on that spirit – mobilizing business, government, and social service sectors around a common vision for the well–being of those living in Johnson and Washington counties.  It is particularly gratifying to be part of an organization that holds itself to account by tracking success across defined, measurable, and ambitious goals.  With the belief that you truly do “get what you measure,” there is no more vital step to ensuring a great education, sustainable income, and good health are within the reach of ALL our neighbors.

Matt Degner
Assistant Superintendent, Iowa City Community School District
Throughout my life I have been involved in community service and invested in the work of philanthropic organizations.  Being an educator in the community I have firsthand knowledge of the great work done by The United Way.  It is truly an organization that addresses the needs of the community in many systematic ways.  I am happy to be part of an organization that does so much for so many others. 

Georgina Dodge
Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President, Title IX Coordinator, University of Iowa
The United Way is vital to the well-being of the community and it is important that the University of Iowa actively participates. It is also important that inclusion remains central to the United Way mission moving forward so that diverse perspectives and voices contribute to community advancement. I have worked with the United Way for several years in different communities and value the contributions that the organization makes to all within its service area.

Sue Evans
Chief Operating Officer, MidWestOne Bank
My passion for our United Way is for the all-encompassing effect the organization has with so many lives in Johnson County. My involvement with United Way began in 2010 when I served on the Campaign Cabinet. I knew it was a good fit because I had the opportunity to lead the East Polk United Way Volunteer Committee in Des Moines, IA in the mid-nineties and witnessed the positive outcomes the organization helped to provide to so many families and individuals. It is no different here and it was very easy to say “yes” when I was asked to serve.  I am passionate about helping people and the United Way is a perfect fit for me.

Kelly Hayworth
City Administrator, City of Coralville

Patricia Heiden
Strategic Planning Chair
Executive Director, Oaknoll Retirement Residence
I first became involved with United Way of Johnson County in 2009 when I was asked to join the Campaign Cabinet.  I experienced first hand the passion and commitment to the values and mission of United Way.  I saw, through it tireless efforts, how it strengthens our community by improving and enhancing the quality of life of those in need. The work of United Way is critical to the well being of this community and because of its initiatives, partnerships and collaborations, every day, it makes a difference is the lives of those it serves.

Ken Kates
Treasurer & Internal Operations Chair
Chief Executive Officer-University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and Associate Vice President-University of Iowa Health Care
I have always had a strong desire to help others and that aspiration had a direct influence on my decision to enter the health care field. There are limitless opportunities to make a difference outside of the workplace as well, and the United Way of Johnson and Washington Counties is exceptional example of how people working together can have a powerful impact on their communities. It is a pleasure to serve as a board member of this dedicated team of concerned and engaged citizens. As part of our collaborative efforts, I strive to brainstorm innovative strategies for lasting change.  I hope to build upon the stellar example set by Doug True as I assume his responsibilities as Treasurer and Internal Operations Chair of this outstanding non-profit organization.

LaShonda Kennedy
Johnson County School/Business Liaison, Kirkwood Community College
My passion for community service started at home with my folks and has grown into a lifelong mission to enhance the lives of and develop the potential of others.  The United Way is one of the best organizations to collaborate with to make positive impact in the our community.  I love how the United Way focuses on improving the lives of those who live here by researching and studying trends to determine what will have the greatest impact on our community and how community members can help develop the potential of those around them.

Lynette Marshall
President & CEO, University of Iowa Foundation

I began working with United Way in 2006 when we first moved to Iowa City. I knew that I wanted to join those in this community who supported The University of Iowa and its mission, but I also wanted to work on behalf of those in our community who need social services support. The United Way does a superb job of bringing people together and making this the kind of caring and responsive community where I want to live and work. I believe United Way's mission fundamentally helps us target how to make a sustained and meaningful impact on social service needs in our community. The 2020 Vision: Goals for the Common Good focusing on health, education and income is an impressive benchmark from which to launch meaningful change in our community. Through United Way's work, I have seen lives changed for the better.

Mark Nolte
Community Investment Chair
President, Iowa City Area Development Group

Steve Olson
Washington County Market President, CBI Bank & Trust
I have  been  involved   in  Foundation  philanthropy  much of my life and saw this opportunity as an extension of that  similar  cause, which serves one of my passions  in life  to "enhance people's lives." United Way is a terrific  organization    that addresses  the social  service needs of the community with the end result  to improve the quality of life - I want to be a part of that mission.

Michael Pugh
Past Chair
Attorney, Pugh Hagan Prahm PLC
My passion for the community comes from my children, who are 5th generation Iowa Citians. I have loved raising them here, because the quality of life and the other people who live here are exceptional

Ed Raber
Director, Washington Economic Development Group
It has been very rewarding to work directly on community building and development as the economic development director in Washington County. It has been equally rewarding to work on numerous non-profit organization’s boards over the past two decades, and I bring that experience and engagement to United Way. Working United, we can coordinate and address the most important issues facing our communities.

Cami Rasmussen
Solon City Administrator, City of Solon
Growing up in a small community near Des Moines, neighbors helping neighbors was the way of life.  I have been raising my family in Johnson County for the past 20 years where that same neighborly spirit and concern for community is high. I have spent almost 20 years in local government service and have seen first hand the decrease in funding available to partner agencies creating budget and financial challenges that impact all.  I am passionate about family, community service and making a difference in the lives of others.  While reviewing the 31 partner agencies, I was struck with that same sense of community and neighbor support in the way that the United Way of Johnson and Washington Counties supports it's partner agencies and I'm excited to have an opportunity to serve on the board and be part of this wonderful tradition for the greater good of the United Way.

Marten Roorda
CEO, ACT, Inc.
There is a big overlap between ACT’s mission and United Way’s mission to create measurable change that improves lives by focusing education, income and health. I think it all starts with education, because this can provide equal opportunity to all. In fact, ACT’s mission to help people achieve education and workplace success, also has a big overlap with my personal mission, to do everything I can to improve equity in our society. Being on the board of United Way I can not only advance my personal mission, but also make contributions to the local community in order to make it stronger.

Ryan Schlabaugh
City Administrator,City of Kalona

Eadie Fawcett Weaver
Owner, Active Endeavors
I was born and raised in eastern Iowa and am grateful for the generosity and spirit of the people here. Iowa City has given so much to our family through the outstanding schools to the support of our local family business. I joined the United Way campaign cabinet four years to give back by raising money for area non-profit agencies. Through my involvement with United Way, I have heard and witnessed stories of hardship and help, of need and support, and want to be part of the solution. I want to do what I can to see our community continue to be a strong, vibrant, safe place to live and raise a family. United Way is the umbrella agency that can accomplish that.

Jon Weih
Director, Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa
My passion for the community sparked in 2001 through the Chamber Leadership Program and continues today through my work with Kirkwood Community College.  Support for the United Way has been an integral part of the faculty and staff at Kirkwood for many years.  My colleagues and I have witnessed directly the great things that can happen when a community wraps its arms around those in need and shows that all of us are valued and needed.  Community is what bonds us together and the United Way is part of the glue that holds us together.  That’s why I support the United Way.

Jeff Kellbach
Agency Representative
Executive Director, Pathways Adult Day Health Center
I began working with United Way as an agency representative in 2000.  I have seen firsthand the impact the partnership with United Way has on individuals living in the community.  United Way touches the lives of everyone in the community and I am proud to be a part of their efforts.

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