Board of Directors

Mark Nolte
Board Chair
President, Iowa City Area Development Group
While there are so many great things going on in our region, there is a growing number of families who are struggling to thrive.  I believe the United Way is our best way to collectively serve the needs of our community.   The United Way is a large part of the success and sustainability of its partner agencies who rely on us to provide funding, leadership and coordination.  As board chair I am hoping to continue the strong legacy of leadership that has gone before and help the board look at ways we can innovate to generate more awareness and support for our efforts.  

Gabe Aguirre
Community Investment Chair
General Manager, Learfield's Hawkeye Sports Properties
My first experience with the United Way was when I was first starting my career.  At that time I didn’t have extra funds available to donate so to pitch in I volunteered.  That experience allowed me to see firsthand the impact that the United Way made on a community.  I’ve been a United Way supporter ever since and I feel grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board.  It’s a small way to give back to a community that accepted me and my family with open arms when we arrived here in Iowa City in 2011.


Gary Barta
Past Chair
Athletic Director, University of Iowa Athletics
My passion for the community comes from watching firsthand how willing people are to get involved. I love living and working in this community. People are genuine and care so deeply about others and making this a great place to live. I’m motivated to do what I can to help in some small way. I began working with United Way in the 1990’s. Through United Way's work, I have seen people from all walks of life come together to help others. Without United Way our community would be missing a valuable asset to help those in need. My belief that it makes our community better grows stronger every year. United Way's mission has been proven and tested over time. It works!


Ben Clark
Resource Development Chair
Chief Operating Officer, IDx
As a transplant to Iowa City, I have been struck time and again by the profound sense of common humanity that characterizes this community.  The United Way acts on that spirit – mobilizing business, government, and social service sectors around a common vision for the well–being of those living in Johnson and Washington counties.  It is particularly gratifying to be part of an organization that holds itself to account by tracking success across defined, measurable, and ambitious goals.  With the belief that you truly do “get what you measure,” there is no more vital step to ensuring a great education, sustainable income, and good health are within the reach of ALL our neighbors.


Jim Conard
Eastern Iowa Market President
West Bank
I chose to serve on the UW board because I have seen firsthand how effective the United Way of Johnson/Washington County is in serving a multitude of people with immediate needs in our communities.  Anything I can do be a part of this special organization is well worth the effort.


Matt Degner
Assistant Superintendent, t
Iowa City Community School District
Throughout my life I have been involved in community service and invested in the work of philanthropic organizations.  Being an educator in the community I have firsthand knowledge of the great work done by The United Way.  It is truly an organization that addresses the needs of the community in many systematic ways.  I am happy to be part of an organization that does so much for so many others. 


Sarah Fisher Gardial
2018-19 Campaign Co-Chair
Dean, Henry B. Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa
I grew up in a United Way home, and I spent the majority of my professional career at an institution which highly valued its link to the community through United Way.  In some ways, I have never known a time when giving back to the community, and especially doing so through United Way, hasn’t been a priority.  That is the personal part.  As a campus leader, I believe that our students, faculty, and staff are the beneficiaries of location.  Truly, we are blessed by a broader Johnson County community that both supports and values what happens on our campus.  In turn, I am keenly aware of the challenges and “costs” to a community where 30,000+ itinerant and often youthful citizens come and go each year.  To that end, I feel that the UI institution should give back in ways that support a healthy and prosperous community for us all.  United Way is a “one stop shop” that allows us to leverage our philanthropic dollars and our volunteer hours to the benefit of the community that surrounds and supports us on the campus.  As Henry Tippie would say, “I believe in payback for benefits received.”


Geoff Fruin
Treasurer, Internal Operations Chair
City Manager, City of Iowa City
I have been fortunate in my career to be involved with United Way in several different capacities. Over the years my appreciation for the impact that United Way has on a community has only grown stronger. The promotion of collaboration to effectively find solutions to our community’s most pressing problems is truly inspirational.  United Way represents a way in which every person in our community can join together for a common good.  The potential for positive change through this approach is boundless and I am excited to continue to help contribute to the mission through service on the Board of Directors.


Kelly Hayworth
City Administrator,
City of Coralville
I am a supporter of United Way because I see first hand the positive impact that United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties makes right here in our communities.


Todd Means
Senior Vice President,
Iowa City Market President, MidWestOne Bank
Born and raised in Iowa City, I’ve strived to look for ways to give back to the community that has offered so much to me and my family.   I’ve been a supporter of the United Way since graduating from the University of Iowa and beginning my career.  I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the Campaign Cabinet in 2015.  I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the community and share the United Way story.  The reach that the United Way has throughout Johnson and Washington County, is a true testament to the quality of life enhancements being addressed in our community.


Steve Olson
Community Volunteer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I have  been  involved   in  Foundation  philanthropy  much of my life and saw this opportunity as an extension of that  similar  cause, which serves one of my passions  in life  to "enhance people's lives." United Way is a terrific  organization that addresses the social service needs of the community with the end result  to improve the quality of life - I want to be a part of that mission.


Casey Peck
Cooperative Technology Company
I am excited to join an organization that’s mission is to “enhance the lives of others”.  I was born and raised around making philanthropic an important part of my time in my career and outside in my “free time”.  There are some organizations in our communities that I have a passion for and the fact that United Way gives back to these organizations makes me excited to be a part of this group.  I want to be an active part of the solution to the needs in our community.


Marten Roorda    
There is a big overlap between ACT’s mission and United Way’s mission to create measurable change that improves lives by focusing education, income and health. I think it all starts with education, because this can provide equal opportunity to all. In fact, ACT’s mission to help people achieve education and workplace success, also has a big overlap with my personal mission, to do everything I can to improve equity in our society. Being on the board of United Way I can not only advance my personal mission, but also make contributions to the local community in order to make it stronger.


Melissa Shivers
VP Student Life,  
University of Iowa
As a new member of the Iowa, University of Iowa, and Coralville communities, I have appreciated the genuine care and support I’ve received and seen demonstrated by the citizens of Johnson county. I have found great humility and joy in serving the various communities in which I have lived, particularly those in which involvement and engagement of the United Way was a central tenet of the University’s integration into the city. I believe that one’s ‘heart and head’ must be in alignment and I’m excited for the opportunity to continue serving the United Way as we ensure our heart for service manifests itself in meaningful actions that benefit those we serve.


Jacki Townsend   
Site Human Resources Leader,    
P&G Iowa City Oral Care
I have been active in the United Way since I started at Procter & Gamble in Iowa City back in 2007.  I served as an Employee Campaign Chair and did the same when I relocated with P&G to the Gillette Plant in South Boston.  Upon my return to Iowa City a few years back, I became a member of the Campaign Cabinet, as well as The Power of the Purse and even chaired the event in 2017.  Being involved with the United Way all of these years has taught me how important it is to provide ways to help everyone thrive in our community.  The United Way is particularly suited to accomplish this task, as the agencies with which they partner ensure that the funds they receive will help build skills in the individuals they serve so that they can become self-sufficient, contributing members of our community.  The impact that the money raised by the United Way has in Johnson and Washington Counties is truly impressive and I am honored to be a part of this organization.


Jon Weih
Director, Kirkwood Regional Center at University of Iowa,  
Kirkwood Community College
My passion for the community sparked in 2001 through the Chamber Leadership Program and continues today through my work with Kirkwood Community College.  Support for the United Way has been an integral part of the faculty and staff at Kirkwood for many years.  My colleagues and I have witnessed directly the great things that can happen when a community wraps its arms around those in need and shows that all of us are valued and needed.  Community is what bonds us together and the United Way is part of the glue that holds us together.  That’s why I support the United Way.


Nancy Willis    
Willis & Willis
I am familiar with many of the organizations supported by United Way, and I have had the opportunity to sit on the allocations' committee.  It is humbling to be informed about the services provided by the excellent and dedicated staff persons with the limited amount of resources available to them.   United Way provides local support at a grass roots level within our immediate community.  Its work is therefore both visible and cost efficient.


Stu Mullins
Agency Representative
Executive Director, United Action for Youth
In 1988 I began the wonderful journey that is my career at United Action for Youth. Over the years I have had the privilege to help enrich the lives of thousands of young people and their families. From giving a drum lesson on my first day at the UAY Youth Center to attending my first United Way Board meeting last month, I have seen the commitment and wide range of services it takes to build a respectful and responsive community. We are only as successful, connected, and healthy as our “neighbor”. United Way provides the vital leadership to foster those life improving connections. Whether you are a community member volunteering during a natural disaster, a worker at a partner agency providing therapeutic and critical services, or a donor…United Way is often the conduit that connects your “neighbor” so you can help.