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Safe Options for Volunteering During the Pandemic 

The United Way Volunteer Center’s first priority is to keep all volunteers and their families safe while volunteering. We offer several volunteer projects that make it possible to volunteer safely at-home or at-a-distance, while making an impact in our community. Examples of volunteer projects include Literacy Kits that focus on promoting early elementary literacy skills, STEM Coding Kits that provide a fun way for kids to learn the binary alphabet for coding, and Calm Down Kits and Mindful Stress Balls that promote strategies to help calm and self-regulate.

How to Get Involved With the United Way Volunteer Center:

  • Visit Volunteer Website to find a volunteer opportunity.
  • Sign up to Volunteer at a local event.
  • Contact us to find or organize a group Volunteer activity, 319-337-8657 or vols@unitedwayjwc.org.
  • Attend an Emergency Volunteer Center training and plan to respond to a disaster if needed.
  • Work with us to organize a Day of Caring for your workplace or business.
  • Sign up as an Agency that posts volunteer opportunities.


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