Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering & Community Engagement

The United Way Volunteer Center makes group volunteering easy by connecting projects and volunteer needs to groups. A Volunteer Group can be as small or large such as corporations, civic groups, places of worship, public schools or neighborhood groups.

Workplace volunteering boosts your reputation, engages customers, and motivates employees, driving positive community change through convenient projects.

Onsite or at-home opportunities are impactful for volunteer groups and pair well with conferences, corporate settings & campuses. These often require funding for sustainability.


Join us in shaping success from the ground up. Research high lights third-grade reading proficiency as a predictor of academic achievement. United Way is committed to preparing our youngest community members for excellence. With varied volunteer projects, you're instrumental in turning this vision into reality. Our initiatives cover Kindergarten orientation, literacy nights, and interventions in high-poverty schools, creating a direct impact on young lives.

Literacy Kits: combine children's books and interactive activities to bring the joy of reading to life. Learn more »
Cost: $8/kit

Alphabet Flash Cards: knowledge of letter names & shapes is a strong predictor of success in learning to read.
Cost: $3/kit

Magic Reading Carpets: vibrant Magic Reading Carpets inspire young readers and create mobile book nooks that spark excitement for books and reading.
Cost: $6/kit

Math & STEM Kits: diverse Math Kits foster interactive learning, while STEM Coding Kits use playful activities to introduce coding and problem-solving.
Cost: $4-$6/kit

Organize a Book Drive: boosts book access for young readers, collecting year-round and during our April event to inspire reading passion.


Your involvement in United Way’s Social & Emotions Support and Health Access initiatives is an investment in the well-being of individuals across our community.

Cards for Homebound Seniors: A simple card holds the power to bring joy to someone's day. This initiative emphasizes the significance of heartfelt gestures. Receiving a holiday or cheerful card can be a source of profound comfort for homebound seniors, reminding them that they're not alone & that someone cares.

Teen Hygiene Kits: Support teens in need with essential personal care items, reinforcing well-being & dignity through distribution via organizations & schools.
Cost: $9/kit


At United Way, our commitment to community well-being extends to fulfilling the basic needs of individuals & families. Through a range of initiatives, we aim to bridge gaps and provide essential support where it matters most. Additionally, we recognize the importance of family moments and celebrations. Through our Family Celebration Support initiatives, we strive to uplift families in times of joy & create memorable experiences that resonate for a lifetime.

Teen Hygiene Kits: Support teens in need with essential personal care items, reinforcing well-being & dignity through distribution via organizations & schools.
Cost: $9/kit

Organize a Collection: Host a collection drive to distribute vital resources in the community—essentials like winter wear, hygiene items, school supplies & more.

Birthday Bash Bags: Ensure every child's birthday is special by providing gift bags filled with party essentials, supporting families in shelters & food pantries.
Cost: $14/kit

Holiday Adopt-a-Family: unites partners to support families in need, spreading joy & making the season brighter. Learn more
Cost: Varies by family
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At home, with your co-workers, or alongside your family and neighbors, you can contribute to all of our initiatives, or choose one you are passionate about, by hosting your very own fundraising event. Try a bake sale, carwash, plant sale, or unleash your creativity to devise a unique concept! Campaign Event Ideas PDF »

If you are the representative of a company, workplace and/or group and would like to schedule a volunteer project or set up a volunteer event for your employees or, please contact  United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties at (319) 338-7823 or email