Strategic Plan

Downtown Iowa City

Mission & Strategic Plan


2023-2030 Strategic Plan

Our Mission:

United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties unites in purpose to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community.

Our Values:

  • Servant Leadership: Listening, learning, then acting in support of our community.
  • Connection: Bringing together people and resources to create understanding and solve problems.
  • Inclusion: Welcoming and supporting our community fully.
  • Inspiration: Moving people to action.

Strategic Priorities

Community Impact

Be a change catalyst to establish and lead collective impact to advance community resilience and well-being in Johnson & Washington Counties.

Goal 1: Adapt and diversify funding options to stay agile in addressing evolving community needs.

Goal 2: Optimize partner funding through a bi-annual investment process that is focused on transparency, equity, and essential services.

Goal 3: Establish trust and leadership in emergency response and preparedness.

Goal 4: Use data and partner feedback to align programs, reduce duplication, and optimize resource efficiency.

Financial Stability

Be bold in advancing our methods of attracting philanthropic support and be accountable stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

Goal 1: Grow endowment to support operational expenses.

Goal 2: Diversify revenue, expand operational efficiencies and excellence, and increase overall revenue.

Goal 3: Establish a nonprofit business hub.

Goal 4: Increase donor retention through donor acknowledgment and financial transparency.

Collaboration & Partnership

Actively listen and connect to form mutually beneficial relationships, aligning services around shared priorities that lead to authentic collaboration and action.

Goal 1: Partner for a robust community needs assessment to prioritize resource allocation.

Goal 2: Define partnership roles and plan for their growth and development.

Goal 3: Foster cross-sector collaboration to drive meaningful community change.

Goal 4: Enhance nonprofit services accessibility through trust-based collaborations and technology utilization.

Volunteer & Donor Engagement

Grow participation and support by building awareness, strengthening partnerships and providing year-round opportunities to give, advocate, and volunteer.

Goal 1: Clarify our missions and refresh our brand to demonstrate our commitment to serving community partners.

Goal 2: Strengthen relationships and advance corporate community investment, employee engagement, and civic leadership development.

Goal 3: Develop equitable, meaningful volunteer opportunities to connect and inspire through year-round engagement and communication.

By 2030: UWJWC will provide stability and essential services for the nonprofit community by increasing financial investments and developing a business solutions hub.

Strategic Plan (PDF)