Emergency Volunteer Center

Emergency Volunteer Center Program

Our Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) program supports emergency response and recovery efforts in the Johnson County area through the effective management of spontaneous volunteers. In times of disaster, the United Way Volunteer Center is prepared to activate an EVC to register spontaneous volunteers and match them with specific and appropriate disaster-related volunteer needs in the community.

Because coordination with emergency response officials is critical to being effective in disaster response and recovery, we are partnering closely with Johnson County Emergency Management, the area municipalities and key nonprofit organizations.

Our trained EVC Volunteers:

  • Coordinate the large influx of volunteers who respond to a disaster
  • Register and interview volunteers to assess skills and abilities
  • Match volunteers to meet community needs
  • Conduct safety briefings
  • Track volunteer hours and impact
  • Serve one-year "on call" commitment with option of extending

Trained EVC Volunteers would be notified when the EVC is activated and then sign up for times they are available to staff the EVC. EVC Volunteers are free to volunteer in the field when they are not assisting at the EVC. Please note that being an EVC Volunteer does not involve strenuous physical activity.


Help get the right volunteers to the right place at the right time during a disaster! 

Join our EVC Team! Contact us now to be notified of our next training: vols@unitedwayjwc.org or 319-337-VOLS (8657).