Literacy Kits


Literacy Kit Project

Learning to read is the most important predictor of a child's future success. Unfortunately, not all children have access to books and miss important milestones.


U Can Help!


Host a United Way Literacy Kit Project at your workplace or with your group. In the time it takes to have lunch, you can create a literacy kit--a fun, simple solution to engage children and help them learn to read.

  • While making Literacy Kits, volunteers will participate in a unique experience while making a meaningful difference in the community.  The experience can also be easily customized to meet the community goals of your workplace or group and helps build morale.

  • A literacy kit is a children's book and an activity designed to make reading interactive and enjoyable for young children. The target age group is kindergarten to third grade. Literacy kits bring books to life and deepen the reading experience for a child.

  • Literacy Kits are distributed to early elementary-aged children through the highest percentage of poverty schools, summer lunch programs and service agencies.

  • The flexibility of this activity is that it can be scheduled for any length of time, at any location and adjusts to what the group needs.

  • We have literacy kits for over 100 different children's books, including topics of STEM, animals, diversity and inclusion, and financial literacy.

  • Research indicates there is a direct impact on school success when a child has access to books at home. (Reading is Fundamental)

  • Over 2,000 literacy kits are needed for kids each year.

Please Join Us and help kids succeed!

For more information and to get involved contact:

Patti Fields,, 319-338-7823