United Way Pen Pals

United Way Pen Pals

Become a Pen Pal and have a positive impact on a local student!


Pen Pal Program
Volunteers are paired with an elementary student to become a Pen Pal to foster positive connections. Participants will become acquainted through friendly correspondence and learn from each other about a range of interesting topics. The program helps students practice the art of writing, increase literacy skills and build positive relationships. Volunteers should be able to write letters to children, commit to corresponding for the school year and pass a background check. Duties do not include strenuous physical activity.

  • When writing your letter, feel free to share about your family, friends, and interests. You can always include a colorful postcard or photo, which your pen pal will treasure

  • We ask that you write 1 to 2 letters or postcards a month

  • End of Year Reception will give the opportunity for Pen Pals to meet in-person

Pen Pal Volunteer Job Description

Questions? Please contact Patti Fields at patti.fields@unitedwayjwc.org or 319-338-7823

If you are interested in being a Pen Pal, fill out the form below and we will contact you soon!


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