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Summership Program Overview

A Summership provides a K-12 student from Johnson and Washington Counties, who are eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch, with a camp scholarship of up to $350 for one week or one session at the summer camp or summer activity of their choice. The Summership program was created in 2014 through proceeds from the Herky on Parade Auction.

Summerships are made possible through continued investments from United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties and partnership with the Community Foundation of Johnson County Summerships Endowment fund.

🍎 Equity in Education: Summerships are tailored for students eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch, addressing economic disparities to ensure every child has access to enriching experiences that fostering learning and personal growth.

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2023 Numbers

Last year, the United Way Summership Program sponsored 119 children, sending them to various camps in our area, including art day camps and weeklong stays at Camp Wapsie. Summerships offer more than a scholarship; they provide access to new skills, friendships, and transformative experiences.

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Summership Experience Stories

Adalynn at Camp Invention

"Thank you for helping me attend camp. I had fun making my optibot and designing it. I loved learning with my friends and inventing.

Thank you -


Camp invention Jaylene





"Thank you for making it possible for me to come to camp. It is really fun to be at! I have had fun making optibots and the robopuppies.

Thank you,


Camp invention Adryanna





"Thank you for letting me come to Camp Invention. I like being able to make things. I made a unicorn horn to wear.


Reileigh at Camp Invention





"Thank you for letting me come to Camp Invention. I made a birthday card for my mom. I also built a room for my robot dog.


"My name is Leo Diaz and I want to thank to United Way for help me to assist to the summer camp.

I learned about the former president Herbert Hoover, I didn’t know he was de the only former president from Iowa. I learned about the eco location of animals, bats and machines. Before, I didn’t know how the detectives solve crimes but now, I now it takes time and concentration to do it.

One of the best things was the city park pool. Also, I liked to learn to roller-skating. Other thing I like was the aquatic wall and the pm play time. The places where we went to lunch.

The art craft was fun.

I liked when the police and fireman came and showed us the things that they use to keep us safe.

I liked when a staff member hided the pm snack and we had to discover who was.

I had so much fun those 3 weeks.

Thanks to United Way for making this possible."

~Leonardo Diaz

Iowa City WyldLife Campers - Thank you for your support!

Iowa City WyldLife Campers - Thank you for your support!

Camp STEAM thank you collage:

Camp STEAM Collage