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Lend a hand.  Touch a life.  Volunteer to create lasting change in our community.

Volunteering is at the heart of United Way’s mission. Mobilizing volunteers is a core service of United Way through the United Way Volunteer Center. We are here to help individuals and/or businesses help others. Whether you’re interested in mentoring a young person, offering your skills as a financial advisor or spending an afternoon with a senior, you’ve come to the right place. If you have a few hours a month or one day a year, we can help you find a volunteer opportunity that matches your skills and interests.

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Safe Options for Volunteering in a Post-Pandemic World

The United Way Volunteer Center’s first priority is to keep all volunteers and their families safe while volunteering. We offer several volunteer projects that make it possible to volunteer safely at-home or at-a-distance, while making an impact in our community. Examples of volunteer projects include Literacy Kits that focus on promoting early elementary literacy skills, STEM Coding Kits that provide a fun way for kids to learn the binary alphabet for coding, and Calm Down Kits and Mindful Stress Balls that promote strategies to help calm and self-regulate.

How to Get Involved With the United Way Volunteer Center:

  • Visit Volunteer Website to find a volunteer opportunity.
  • Sign up to Volunteer at a local event.
  • Contact us to find or organize a group Volunteer activity, 319-337-8657 or vols@unitedwayjwc.org.
  • Attend an Emergency Volunteer Center training and plan to respond to a disaster if needed.
  • Work with us to organize a Day of Caring for your workplace or business.
  • Sign up as an Agency that posts volunteer opportunities.


UWJWC Volunteer Literacy Kit




Volunteer Opportunities

Local Volunteer Opportunities




Register Now!

Register on our website, Get Connected, to post ongoing or  date-specific volunteer opportunities. We often have groups looking for projects, so don't forget to let us know about those needs, too! Potential volunteers can search by area of interest, date, skills needed, etc. and will contact you directly if interested in your listing. Last year we had over 22,000 unique visitors to our site, so post today to gain visibility and find the right volunteers! We encourage organizations of all sizes to register, from non-profits to a couple of volunteers looking to engage more volunteers.

Volunteer Administrators' Network (VAN)

VAN is composed of professionals who work with volunteers in Johnson County and surrounding areas. The mission is to promote volunteerism by networking with others in the field and providing professional development opportunities.  VAN is a program of the United Way Volunteer Center.  If you are interested, please contact United Way for more information.  


Volunteer Management Program

Increase the effectiveness of your volunteer program with a series of classes sponsored by Kirkwood Community College and United Way Volunteer Center. Classes are focused on volunteer management and program effectiveness and are taught by professionals in the field. Achieve greater results as you build your program or enhance what is in place.  A Volunteer Management Certificate from Kirkwood Community College is available with completion of the six core courses along with additional training and professional experience. Find the current classes available, search "volunteer management" HERE.

Volunteer Management Resources

Please visit our Volunteer Management Resources HERE

For additional information, please contact the United Way Volunteer Center at 319-337-VOLS (8657) or vols@unitedwayjwc.org