Financial Initiatives


UWJWC Financial Stability Initiatives and Programs

Basic Needs Support: Making a Difference Together

At United Way, we're dedicated to meeting the fundamental needs of individuals and families through various initiatives, closing gaps, and offering crucial support where it's needed most.

Our Family Celebration initiatives aim to enrich family moments and bring a sense of normalcy to challenging times. Your participation in these efforts help build lasting memories for families, ensuring that celebrations are inclusive for all.

Join us in nurturing a spirit of togetherness, care, and joy within our community.

Community Collections and Drives
United Way plays a pivotal role in orchestrating and channeling resources gathered from diverse collections and drives to meet pressing community needs. These can include essentials like paper goods, winter coats and warm clothing, hygiene items, school supplies, non-perishable food, laundry necessities, stocking stuffers, and more.

Teen Hygiene Kits
In our drive to foster health and self-esteem among teens facing financial hardships, we recognize the significance of personal care items. The Teen Hygiene Kits initiative ensures that adolescents have access to items as fundamental as body wash and deodorant, reinforcing their well-being and dignity. These kits are distributed through organizations serving teens and via Student and Family Advocates.
Cost: 8/Kit

Holiday Adopt-a-Family »
The holiday season is a time of giving and unity, and our Holiday Adopt-a-Family initiative embodies the spirit of community support. Through partnerships with individuals, businesses, and groups, we're able to connect with families in need. These families, identified by our partner agencies, receive assistance in meeting their holiday requirements. With your participation, we're not just providing material support – we're spreading joy, creating cherished memories, and making the season brighter for families facing challenges.
Cost: Varies

Birthday Bash Bags
Every child's birthday is a cause for celebration, regardless of circumstances. Our Birthday Bash Bags initiative seeks to bring smiles to young faces by filling gift bags with essentials for a memorable birthday party. Each bag includes a cake mix, frosting, candles, festive decorations, and a heartwarming note for the birthday child. These bags extend to families in local shelters, as well as those accessing food pantries and various programs. By contributing to this initiative, you're helping to ensure that every child's special day is cherished.
Cost: $6/kit

Community Resource Network: Empowering Together

United Way's dedication to community welfare extends to building bridges between individuals and essential resources. Our Connecting Community Members with Resources Support initiatives are designed to empower individuals, fostering inclusivity, well-being, and resilience.

Participating in Connecting Community Members with Resources Support is a commitment to building a stronger, more supportive community. By accessing these resources, you're not only enhancing your own well-being but also contributing to the collective welfare of our society. Join us in forging connections and building a brighter future for everyone.

Project Better Together
United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties proudly partners with Project Better Together to shape a future marked by economic diversity, growth, inclusivity, resilience, and well-being for all. Through collaborative efforts, we're uniting to create positive change that uplifts our community as a whole.

211 »
The 211 network stands as a lifeline, addressing thousands of requests for help each year. Whether it's housing, food, transportation, or healthcare, this resource serves as a vital connection for those seeking assistance in meeting basic needs. With a single call, web chat, or text message, individuals can access the support they require.

Unite Us
Unite Us was established with a singular mission: to foster interconnected communities that enhance people's health and overall well-being. United Way is steadfast in making Unite Us a ubiquitous tool across Johnson and Washington Counties. Our goal is to ensure that community members can easily access the help they need, facilitating a stronger, more supportive network for all.