Healthcare Initiatives

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UWJWC Healthcare Initiatives and Programs

Social/Emotional Support

United Way's Social/Emotional Support initiatives are designed to foster meaningful connections, spread positivity, and uplift individuals who may benefit from an extra dose of care. Through a range of programs, we're committed to making a positive impact on emotional well-being and building bridges between different generations.

Your involvement is an investment in the well-being of individuals across our community, transcending generations and making our society stronger. Join us in creating a tapestry of care and connection that uplifts us all.

Cards for Home Bound Seniors
A simple card holds the power to bring joy to someone's day. Our Cards for Home Bound Seniors initiative emphasizes the significance of heartfelt gestures. Receiving a holiday or cheerful card can be a source of profound comfort for homebound seniors, reminding them that they're not alone and that someone cares.

Pen Pals
Our Pen Pals Program bridges generations through friendly correspondence. Volunteers are paired with elementary students to foster positive connections and learning experiences. Through letters, participants exchange thoughts on a range of topics, building meaningful relationships while enhancing literacy skills. If you can commit to corresponding throughout the school year, this program provides an opportunity to make a lasting impact in a young person's life.

Healtchare Access

Medical Transportation Program
This program is dedicated to ensuring seniors and disabled adults have the means to reach vital medical appointments. By providing rides to those who lack alternative transportation options, we bridge critical gaps in accessing essential medical services. This program becomes a lifeline, particularly in the rural corners of our communities, where without these rides, accessing vital healthcare becomes a challenge.