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UWJWC Education Initiatives and Programs

Early Childhood Literacy: Nurturing Young Minds

The path to success begins with a solid educational foundation, and we're inviting you to be part of that journey. Research underscores the significance of third-grade reading proficiency as a predictor of future academic achievements. At United Way, we're dedicated to ensuring our youngest neighbors are not just school-ready, but poised for excellence.

With a diverse array of volunteer projects, you can play a pivotal role in making this vision a reality. Our activities extend to Kindergarten orientation, literacy nights, and targeted interventions in high-poverty schools throughout the year. By participating, you're actively contributing to the transformation of young lives.

Together, these initiatives are a testament to our commitment to nurturing a strong foundation of literacy among our community's youngest members. By supporting Early Childhood Literacy Support, you're investing in brighter futures and empowering children to become lifelong learners.

Literacy Kits »
United Way Literacy Kits bring the joy of reading to life through a dynamic combination of children's books and interactive activities. Each kit provides a captivating story along with a related activity, fostering curiosity and imagination while enhancing early literacy skills.
Cost: $8/kit
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Alphabet Flash Cards
Children’s knowledge of letter names and shapes is a strong predictor of success in learning to read. Volunteers create flash cards with each letter and a corresponding picture. Card sets are distributed to students Kindergarten orientation and at high poverty schools and at high poverty schools throughout the year.
Cost: $3/set

Magic Reading Carpets
Fun, colorful reading mats for young readers that are handmade by volunteers and help get young minds excited by books and reading. Magic reading carpets are mobile so a child’s 'book nook' can be anywhere the carpet can go! Magic carpets will be distributed to local Kindergarten classes.
Cost - $6/magic carpet

My Very Own Book Drive »
Through My Very Own Book Drive, we enhance book access for young readers in grades pre-K through 6, collecting children's books year-round and especially in April during our annual event, to build home libraries and inspire a lifelong love for reading.

Reading Buddies »
In partnership with elementary schools, volunteers team up with young readers. Together, they enhance language skills, ignite new ideas, and nurture lifelong readers. Volunteers commit to a minimum of half a school year.

Summership Camp Scholarships »
Our Summership Camp Scholarships offer the gift of summer experiences to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity. These scholarships open doors for young minds, ensuring that they can embark on enriching summer camp adventures regardless of financial constraints.

Educational Support: Empowering Minds for Tomorrow

At United Way, we believe in equipping young minds with the tools they need to thrive. Through our Educational Support initiatives, we're helping to shape the future by providing enriching opportunities for children to learn and grow.

By participating in Educational Support, you're actively contributing to the growth and development of our community's youth. Your involvement serves as an investment in their future success and empowerment. Join us in inspiring a love for learning and exploration.

Math Kits
Our Math Kits collection comprises four diverse kits, each designed to nurture children's foundational math skills in a dynamic and interactive way. These kits promote learning and ensure engagement and enjoyment throughout the process. Serving as stepping stones for mathematical growth and cognitive development, volunteers play a crucial role in assembling these kits with essential supplies.
Cost: $4-6/kit
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STEM Coding Kits
Introducing coding to children in a playful and accessible manner is a fantastic way to cultivate problem-solving skills. Our STEM Coding Kits provide a gateway to coding through a fun activity suitable for any age. These kits include pipe cleaners, beads, string, and step-by-step instructions to build words in binary.
Cost: $4-6/kit